Mission Vision

Our Mission

We are aware of the fact that by the time today's children graduates the world will have changed manifold. In order to adapt in that yet to be born world. an alert sense of adaptability is a must. We envision that our graduates show this skill of adaptability in all odd and even situation in future

Our Vision

The mission of this school is to provide its student with high qua ity academic environment, ample opportunities for developing their entrepreneurship. leadership and communicate skills and then to produce internationally acceptable, competitive and world class manpower who are academically sound psychologically strong, emotionally balanced imbued with social consensus and ethical values

Objectives of LBA

Give me a place to stand, and i shall move the world.

  • Imparting timely and globally relevant education.
  • Developing necessary foundation for higher education.
  • To ensure a modern, technically supported holistic education that centres on the learners.
  • To build up a model educational institution that imparts what real education ought to be.
  • To make a significant contribution to the intellectual reputation of Nepal in the world.