Teaching Methodology

Our school has adopted innovative and advanced teaching learning methodology. Its educational activities are conducted by a galaxy of highly qualified teaching faculty, supported and supplemented by strong academic and professional backgrounds. The teaching is entirely student centered and lectures are supported by students full participation in case studies, group discussion, project assignment and fields trips. Besides audio visual aids, charts, models, multimedia projectors etc. are used to make learning and teaching more effective and purpose oriented.

Scholarship & Financial Aids

LBA offers special schemes to the school and district toppers from across Nepal. Various scholarships are offered to the deserving students. Scholarship facilities are also offered to the physically challenged, sown-troden and needy student.

Beach of codes of Conduct

If a student is found guilty of serious breach of codes of conduct. S/he will be expelled from the college without any liability on the part of the college. The codes of conduct to be maintained by a student are normally provided to the students especially on the orientation day.

Dress Code

The college has prescribed uniform to the students and they are obliged to come in proper uniform. Students who are not in the prescribed uniform, are not allowed to enter in the school premise.

Entrance Test

Prior to getting enrolled at LBA, the eligible students have to sit for the entrance test. The tests will be conducted on the following subjects.
Plus2 Law: English : 50%, Social Studies : 30%, G.K/IQ: 20%

Faculty Member


Fee Structure

Admission Fee
15,000 /-
Monthly Fee 2,200/-

Scholarship Scheme

LBA provides scholarships to academically sound, deserving as well as needy students who meet the criteria prescribed. The scholarships will be provided on the following bases:

  • SEE or equivalent exams grade/ percentage
  • Entrance examination performance
  • Physically challenged/ Marginalized/ underprivileged/ ethnic/ indigenous background (DOE recommendations required)
  • National/ International recognition in any field
  • Special recommendations made by the local community, school, DEC, DOE, MOE, and other related authorities

GPA Basis

50% discount on tuition fee
45% discount on tuition fee
3. 3.85 to 3.90
40% discount on tuition fee
4. 3.75 to 3.80
35% discount on tuition fee
5. 3.65 to 3.70
25% discount on tuition fee

However, in order to retain the scholarship privilege, the students have to pass the exams of each term. The students will forfeit the privilege for the term, should they fail any subject. f the students pass the entire subjects in the following term, they will regain the scholarship.

NB: Scholarship awards will be provided on the "First Come, First Served" basis.

Admissions Process

The eligible students have to fill up the admission form and sit for the entrance test. As they get through the test, they have to sit for an interview along with their parents. Then they have to enroll themselves within 3 days submitting the following documents:

  • A copy of Character/ Transfer Certificate
  • A copy of SEE Grade Sheet or equivalent documents
  • Two pp size photos

  • NB: The management will not accept the students' admission after all the seats are occupied even though they have met the eligibility criteria